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Comic Book Conventions a source of inspiration

Yeah I know you are Groot

When it comes to finding inspiration for my writing one of my favorite stops is conventions. I love comic books, sci-fi/fantasy and writer's conventions of course but I've attended a lot of different kinds that you wouldn't expect. I've been to farm conventions, star trek conventions, and even a boat convention once.

Conventions are a great place to meet interesting people. See some wonderful costumes, find out about the latest authors and maybe even meet some famous people.

professional wrestlers did a Q&A at the con.

There is even a chance that you might find some other writers, editors, and publishers to network with. It can be a great opportunity for an author to learn important stuff about the industry and to network with others that can help your career.

Old school mystique just like from the comics.

There are also tons of vendors that sell all kinds of stuff. I've seen just about any kind of souvenir or collectible imaginable at conventions.

So no matter what your interests, whether it be video games, comics, movies, sitcoms, wrestling, role-playing games, science fiction or fantasy there is something there for everyone.

They are also a great event for kids. What kid doesn't love superheroes?

So next time that convention comes to town, make sure you stop for a visit. Maybe you will even see me there.

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