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I learned at an early age about the capacity of human beings for cruelty. Humans have an almost infinite potential for it. There seems to be a pearl of the prevailing wisdom that we learn violence. I think the opposite. I believe that kindness is taught and learned. Each of us conceived in darkness, our first act as unthinking, unknowing babies is to kick the person who loves us the most. When we enter the world, it is a violent experience that is painful for both our mothers and us.

Cruelty and violence are part of the most fundamental instincts of existence. They come from not thinking or caring. Naked and afraid babies scream, shake their tiny fists, and kick. This first defiant act comes to a stop when the baby experiences their first act of kindness and love held in their mother's arms. As children develop and learn, parents are obligated to curb all kinds of violent behavior. Children bite, steal, hit, and bully one another all the time. They have to learn a better way. Just as darkness exists independent of light, so does our cruel nature. Night does not leave until the sun shines, and evil does not end until good shines the light of love upon it. Teach others to love, and love will fill your existence.

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