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The Igloo

One day a little boy and his father went out to play in the snow. The father began rolling up a huge snowball and the son asked why? The dad explained that he was making a snowman. The son wanted him to show him how so the dad showed him how to make a snowball and roll it in the snow. He even let the little guy make the snow man’s head and lifted him up so that he could put it on. Next, the dad showed the little boy how to make an igloo then he showed him how to make snow angels. They spent the day throwing snowballs and riding slides after that. When the little boy went to bed that night he hugged his dad and told that it had been the best day ever.

A few months later the father got very sick. The doctors tried very hard to save him but he died from his illness. As the coffin was lowered into the ground the little boy with tear-filled eyes hugged his mother and told her that this had been the worse day ever. For a long time, the little boy and his mother grieved. It just wasn’t the same without him around.

Then the snow fell and the little boy looked at his mother. He asked her if she would play in the snow with him the way his father used to. So they went out and built a snowman. He asked her if she knew how to build an igloo and she said no that not many people besides Eskimos knew how to do that. He explained that his father had shown him how. So he taught his mother how to build an igloo and then they went inside to have some hot cocoa.

While they were inside a group of neighborhood boys came along. They proceeded to knock down the snowman and to knock down the igloo. The little boy heard them laughing so he and his mother came outside. The little boy told his mother that he would handle this so he walked down to the boys and talked to them. He explained to them that he and his mother had just built those things and wanted to know why they had destroyed them.

“Snowmen are lame” the kids exclaimed. “Anyone can do that.”

Remembering what his mother said the boy asked if they knew how to build an igloo. The kids looked to one another and each, in turn, shook his head. The boy explained that his father taught him how to do it and that if they wanted he could teach them how to do it as well. Soon the yard full of kids making blocks of snow and stacking them like bricks. In no time they had a miniature igloo town built in the back yard. It occurred to the little boy then how blessed he had been to have had a dad that was willing to teach him how to build an igloo and a mother that loved him enough to come out and learn to do it too. He would always miss his father, but he would always remember him fondly every time the snow fell and he went out and built another igloo.

By Michael Sauls

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