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What is a Writer?

Today someone asked me what a writer is. I think that it is a rather personal question. I consider myself to be a storyteller but not all writers are storytellers. There are technical writers that are not storytellers for example. Just as not all cooks bake and not all carpenters build houses so also not all writers write to accomplish the same thing. I think that it is more complex than just asking, "what is a writer?" "What kind of writer are you?" might be a better question, or perhaps, "What kind of writer do you wish to become?" I would never strip the novice of the title of writer just because they are still learning because I believe even the seasoned writer is a work in progress. We are all honing our skills with every letter we put on the page. Do not become discouraged. Blossom young writers, blossom and become a beautiful author some day with words springing forth like pollen and may many readers like bees take your ideas and turn them into honey for the soul. If I could put a definition on what a writer is, I would say that we are the harbingers of ideas. Many ideas exist because people like us dared to dream, and to share our dreams with others.

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