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Why Did God Make Us?

Today I was thinking about the nature of God. Faith has always been vital to me. I do not consider myself very religious, but I believe in a creator. I was thinking about how the ocean started with the first drop of water. Then it occurred to me that actually, the sea began with a thought. God thought about water, and then he created it. I don't know if he made a single drop or made millions of gallons first. Perhaps what we think of as millions of gallons is but a single drop to him. The Bible says that God said let there be light, and there was light.

I wonder if God said let there be water as well? I can sense a natural progression within the Biblical creation story. God thinks about what he wants to create, speaks about what he wants, and then makes it. The Bible says that he made us in his image. Have you ever wondered why God created humans in the first place? I have. As an artist and a creator made in God's image, I wonder if my motivations are reflections of God's. When I create something beautiful, I want to share it. I want others to see it and to enjoy it. Do you think that God feels that way as well? Perhaps one reason that God made humanity is because he wanted an audience. God created the universe and everything in it. If you think about it, God created the most epic and vast form of art ever made. Maybe we are all here because God wanted someone to take a look at his handiwork and appreciate it. I know I do. Getting outside and enjoying this big beautiful world or admiring a sparkling sky full of twinkling stars are a couple of my favorite things to do.

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