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Write Every Day

I get asked a lot about how to handle writer's block or what to do when I get stuck on an idea. Today great analogy occurred to me. If you're going to be a professional writer/author, start thinking of writing like a business. A professional anything did not become successful by slacking off.

Take a professional athlete, for example. Most athletes I've met, professional or aspiring to become one, take their physical fitness very seriously. They eat nutritious meals, exercise regularly, and practice their perspective sport as much as possible. If athletes neglect their fitness, they won't be competitive and won't stay in business for long. The same logic applies to a writer. Exercise your mind as much as you can. Like your muscles, you have to work it to hone it into a lean, mean writing machine.

I believe that physical fitness helps with creativity as well. Good nutrition and exercise help keep the mind sharp. I used the sports analogy because I don't want you to think that writing locks you into writing your book or project every day. You can do writing exercises, brainstorming sessions, or writing in your blog. Do something fun that takes the stress out of it, but never forget that this is a business.

The best practice, in my opinion, is to create a set time, a schedule to write. Even if all you can free up is one hour a day, make it a habit and stick to it. If all that you can manage to write is a letter to your mother, that is better than writing nothing at all.

In keeping with the exercise theme, I used above, when I see obese people in the gym slowly walking on a treadmill or working on a machine, I never criticize them. I have the deepest respect for them because they are trying. What they are doing may not seem like much compared to an athlete's workout, but they are trying as hard as they can to better themselves. Give yourself a break. You may not become a bestseller next week, but if you work at it, you just might. Dare to dream big and don't be afraid of failure. All any of us can do is walk the road to self-improvement one step at a time.

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